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We also represent our clients in administrative offence proceedings brought by the regulatory authorities of various sectors and by transversal authorities with special focus on road traffic law, where we provide an integrated and complete support service to drivers, ensuring their defence in proceedings brought by the National Road Traffic Safety Authority (Autoridade Nacional de Segurança Rodoviária – ANSR) for offences against the Highway Code.

We also prepare judicial appeals against administrative decisions which result in a fine and/or an additional penalty of driving disqualification.

Misdemeanour law is the branch of law that regulates administrative offences, also known as administrative breaches, which are committed by private individuals or companies and are sanctioned by administrative authorities, not by judicial authorities. 

Misdemeanours are less serious offences than crimes, and are usually punishable by fines, warnings or other administrative penalties. Misdemeanour law regulates administrative offences, including the rules and procedures for imposing sanctions, as well as the rules for filing defences and appeals against decisions. It also regulates issues related to the collection of evidence and the conduct of administrative trials.

Some areas where misdemeanour law is commonly applied include transport, environment, public health, occupational safety, among others. The purpose of misdemeanour law is to ensure that administrative offences are detected and punished effectively and fairly in order to protect public interests and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

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