Criminal and Penitentiary

Direito Penal e Penitenciário Albufeira

We have extensive knowledge and vast experience in defence and prosecution in criminal proceedings.

We defend our Clients, both individuals and companies, in any phase of criminal proceedings – investigation, fact-finding, trial and appeal, and before any judicial authority – Public Prosecutor and Judge.

We accompany our Clients in Prison Establishments, providing legal representation both in these establishments and in the Courts of Execution of Penalties.

Criminal law is the set of legal rules and principles that regulate what is considered a crime and the punishments for those crimes. It defines the laws that prohibit certain actions and establishes the penalties for those who commit them. Criminal law also includes laws that protect the victims of crimes and ensure due legal process for those accused of committing them.

Prison law is the set of legal rules and principles that regulate the execution of sentences imposed on those convicted of crimes, including detention, probation, parole and other security measures. It also includes laws and regulations that establish the conditions under which convicts are held in prisons and other penal institutions, and ensure the humane treatment and social reintegration of convicts.

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