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The Oliveira Gomes Law Firm advises our national and foreign Clients in the management, organization and planning of the most varied commercial and corporate matters in the Portuguese context.

We perform all due diligence for your company.

We have vast experience and we propose to provide all the support in the commercial area, namely

Incorporation of companies, i.e. we set up your company;
Commercial and corporate litigation – we provide legal advice in legal proceedings;
Agreements between partners or shareholders;
Dissolution and liquidation of companies – we close your company;
Disputes and acknowledgement of claims;
Preparation of by-laws and statutory amendments.
Due Diligence Investigation – research on a business opportunity.

Commercial law is the branch of law that regulates commercial activities, including issues related to commercial contracts, commercial property, bankruptcy, taxation and other issues related to business and enterprises. It also regulates the creation, operation and dissolution of commercial enterprises, as well as the protection of the rights and interests of investors and shareholders.

The general law is a set of legal rules regulating the relations between individuals and between individuals and the state, including both civil law rules and commercial, criminal and procedural law, among others.

Corporate law is the branch of law that regulates companies, their participants, and their administration. It regulates the incorporation, operation, dissolution and issues related to capital, shareholders and management. It also regulates issues related to mergers, acquisitions and other forms of incorporation of companies.

In summary, commercial law regulates issues related to businesses and companies, general law regulates the rules governing relations between individuals and the state, and corporate law regulates issues related to companies and their participants.

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