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Alojamento local advogado

Oliveira Gomes Law Firm deals with all the legal requirements in the field of local accommodation, from the filing of the application to the compliance with all legal impositions, such as security requirements, communications with the Foreigners and Borders Service – SEF or the obligation of the Complaints Book.

We clarify our Clients about all the mandatory procedures and requirements for Local Lodging.

We take care of the registration so that our Clients can start the exploration of a local lodging establishment, be it a villa, a flat, a lodging establishment or a room.

We deal with the application for the “Clean & Safe Label”.

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Local accommodation is a form of tourist accommodation where visitors can stay in houses, flats or rooms rented from private individuals rather than hotels or guesthouses. Local accommodation is usually offered through online platforms such as Airbnb,, among others, and can include accommodations such as cottages, boats, cottages, among others. Property owners offer their rooms, houses or flats for rent, and visitors can book them directly through these platforms. Local accommodation is an increasingly popular option for travellers looking to immerse themselves in a local community, experience a more authentic experience, and also for property owners who wish to earn additional income from their property.

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