Labour/Labour Law

Direito do Trabalho Albufeira

We accompany and represent our Clients in all relevant issues and operations in labour matters, both in terms of counselling, and in monitoring cases of a misdemeanour nature and judicial litigation, before the Labour Courts and higher courts.

We are available to clarify the questions of our Clients and to provide legal accompaniment in the most varied labour issues, namely:

  • Conclusion or analysis of the employment contract (with or without terms)
  • Holiday entitlements, commuting, exemption from or reduction in working hours, holiday and Christmas bonuses, among others.
  • Drafting of employment contract termination agreements
  • Labour claims due to employees
  • Defending the employee in disciplinary proceedings
  • Disciplinary proceedings with/without intention of dismissal
  • Actions to contest individual or collective dismissal
  • Defence due to termination of employment
  • Special dismissal impugnation process.

Labor law is the set of legal rules and principles that regulate the relationship between employers and employees. It covers issues such as hiring, wages, overtime, holiday, occupational safety and health, accidents at work, and dismissal, among others. It also includes laws and regulations that protect workers’ rights, including protection against discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

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