Inheritance and Succession

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The Oliveira Gomes Law Firm continuously assists its clients in processes of division of property, celebration of wills or donations, among others.

The professionals of the Oliveira Gomes Law Firm have much experience in the area of Inheritance and Partition of Estate, as a result of years of practice and process.

We provide the following legal services in this area of practice

Legal advice and support in all procedures conducive to life partition, namely donations and registration of reservation of life usufruct.
Agreement on choice of law applicable to succession.
Estate planning, including making a will.
Annulment and revocation of wills
Drawing up donation contracts
Disposal of inheritance rights
Legal assistance in promoting the entitlement of heirs at a Notary’s Office or at an Inheritance Office
Registration of acquisition in hereditary community of existing real estate assets
Inheritance registers
Legal advice on the administration of the estate and its fruits
Procedure for the removal of the head of the estate
Legal advice on extrajudicial distribution procedure
Legal advisory services in legal partition procedure (inventory procedure) at Notary’s Office
Legal advisory in legal partition procedure (inventory procedure) in Court
Legal procedure for recognition of the quality of inheritance and recognition of the right of heir.
Proceedings for the attribution of the right of habitation of the family home and rights over the property.
Legal advice on the exercise of rights on the death of a de facto cohabiting partner.
Legal advice on tax obligations resulting from division.
Legal advice and representation in cross-border partition proceedings
Cancellation of partition

Inheritance and succession law is the branch of law that regulates issues related to the transmission of a person’s property and rights after their death. This includes the distribution of the deceased’s property and rights among heirs, as well as determining the order of succession and the validity of wills and other documents relating to the transmission of property.

When a person dies, their assets and rights pass to their heirs according to the inheritance laws of the country or region. Succession laws can vary widely from one place to another, but they generally set rules for the distribution of the deceased’s property and rights among the legal heirs, including spouses, children and close relatives.

In addition, inheritance laws also regulate the validity and enforceability of wills, which are legal documents through which a person can determine the distribution of their property and rights after their death. Probate laws can also regulate issues related to the inventory of the deceased’s property and rights and the payment of inheritance taxes.

Inheritance and succession law is a complex branch and can be difficult to understand, especially in the case of international wills and inheritances. Therefore, lawyers specialising in inheritance and succession law can help heirs understand their obligations and rights and resolve issues relating to the transmission of the deceased’s property and rights fairly and effectively.

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