Foreigners, Immigrants and Emigrants Law

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At Oliveira Gomes Law Firm we seek the best solutions for the integration and assistance of Foreigners in Portugal:

  • Tax Benefits for Foreigners
  • Acquisition of Nationality
  • Visas / Gold
  • Representation in Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Revision of Foreign Judgements

In Portugal, the Law of Foreigners, Immigrants and Emigrants is regulated by Law No. 23/2007 of 4 July 2007, which establishes the rules for the entry, stay and exit of foreigners in the country. The law also establishes the rules for obtaining visas, residence, work and other rights and duties of foreigners in relation to the laws and regulations of Portugal.

Legal immigration to Portugal is controlled by the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT), which is responsible for issuing work and residence visas to qualified immigrants, and by the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), which is responsible for processing residence and other visa requests.

In addition, the Portuguese State has specific policies for refugees and asylum seekers, which are regulated by the Asylum and Substitute Protection Law.

Portuguese law also defines the rules for the expulsion of foreigners who commit infractions of the laws of Portugal and support measures for foreigners who are in a vulnerable situation.

In summary, the Foreigners, Immigrants and Emigrants Law in Portugal regulates issues related to the rights, duties and protection to foreigners, immigrants and emigrants while they are in Portuguese territory.

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