Litigation and Arbitration

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The litigation and arbitration team at Oliveira Gomes Law Firm seeks to find effective solutions for its Clients.

We act in dispute resolution, in proceedings before the various judicial courts as well as in ad hoc arbitrations and in arbitrations that take place under the aegis of the main national arbitration centres.

We defend our clients’ interests in conflict situations.

We provide advice to prevent legal disputes.

Litigation law is the branch of law that regulates judicial proceedings, including issues related to disputes and conflicts between individuals or companies. It includes the rules and procedures for filing claims, gathering evidence and conducting trials. The objective of litigation law is to ensure that the parties involved have a fair opportunity to assert their rights and interests, and that conflicts are resolved in a fair and equitable manner.

Arbitration, on the other hand, is a voluntary process where the parties involved in a dispute choose one or more arbitrators to resolve the conflict. The arbitrator or arbitrators are chosen by the parties and have the authority to make binding decisions on the dispute, and the parties undertake to abide by the arbitrator’s decision. Arbitration is generally used as a faster and less bureaucratic alternative to resolve disputes than traditional court proceedings.

Arbitration law is the branch of law that regulates arbitration, including the rules and procedures for selecting arbitrators, holding hearings and issuing final awards. It also regulates issues related to the validity and enforceability of arbitration clauses, the rules for the appointment of arbitrators and the appealability of decisions.

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