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Sandrine Pinto

She obtained a BA in Modern Literature from the Université Lumière Lyon II in 2006. Born in France and bilingual in French and Portuguese, she has always studied both languages and started her translation and interpreting services in Portugal.

– 2005-2006: She worked in a school library, developing activities for children’s groups and managing the library.

– 2006-2008: She worked in a nursery school, providing educational support for children with disabilities or difficulties.

– Since 2009: translation-interpreting services for public and private organizations and individuals. – Since 2009: Various experiences in tutoring and French courses in private tutoring centers and language schools, as well as Portuguese as a Foreign Language courses for French speakers.

– 2018: Completed a training course and began her career in insurance as an associate.

– 2023:Official DELF corrector. Training is provided through the Alliance Française de Faro. DELF is a French language diploma for non-native speakers recognized by the French Ministry of Education and run by France Éducation International.

She continues to work as a translator-interpreter, not only translating official and informal documents and procedures but also providing support to French-speaking communities in a wide range of administrative services.

Currently, she decided to launch her career as an insurance agent.

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