Oliveira Gomes

We are a space dedicated to advocacy and we do so by means of a differentiated and articulated team, interconnecting the various areas of law for the best resolution of our client’s problems.

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Customer-Oriented Service

We have created a proximity model through which we welcome each Client, knowing that each situation is unique.

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Tell us your question and we will reply as soon as possible.


Proud of our history, we build the future based on a culture that distinguishes us and unites us around a common design. A culture founded on the awareness that citizenship is the anchor of our practice and that makes Oliveira Gomes Lawyers an open, inclusive and supportive firm, focused on people and on the fair opportunity for achievement of each one, promoting a high sense of demand with ourselves as a team and in the defence of our clients.

Our vision is therefore to nurture and perpetuate this culture anchored by unshakeable ethical values, which recognises collaboration and trust as vital traits, and which is lived by those who work here. We believe that this driving force that unites us and the values that guide us constitute the inspiration that propels us into the future.

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Caring for what unites us.

Living up to the legacy of trust, citizenship and decency.
Keeping the whole in mind.

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Client-Oriented Service

We privilege a close relationship with the client, investing in technical knowledge about its market and specific sector. For each case, we guarantee the most efficient processes and technologies, always adding value to the client.

Professional Ethics

At Oliveira Gomes Advogados, the most scrupulous principles of ethics shape our institutional culture, from professional secrecy to respect for conflicts of interest, which is a safeguard and guarantee of the defence of our client’s rights and expectations.

Quality and Innovation

The quality of the legal service we provide is widely recognised, highlighting the promptness of response, professional rigour and the ability to present innovative solutions that contemplate different angles, always ensuring an information security management system.

Diversity and Inclusion

At the heart of Oliveira Gomes Advogados is a deep respect for human dignity. This gives rise to various programmes and initiatives to promote inclusion, diversity and well-being for all.

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Being Ethical, Exceeding Customer's Expectations and Being Innovative

We work together to provide a high quality service, in total independence, with integrity and mutual respect for customers, employees and competitors.


and Excellence

Our team includes professionals from different areas, with solid training that allows us to work with all the rigour and professionalism. We combine different specialisations to provide a more targeted response to the specifics of each situation.